Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Miriam Colby and the Sims 3 100 Baby Challenge

This is Miriam Colby-- my Sim for the 100 Baby Challenge. After finishing college, Miriam decided to settle on the outskirts of the bustling city, Bridgeport. Using what little money she'd been able to save, she purchased a modest home and took up painting, however she's not very good yet.

Miriam is a nurturing and patient person and has always wanted to be a mother, but as an independent woman with no desire to marry, the aforementioned patience began to wan while dealing with the intransigent adoption bureaucracy; and so she decided to find similarly-minded partners who wanted children, but weren't interested in a long-term relationship.

She set up an online dating profile and vetted her choices, agreeing to meet with the first of which at a high-rise club in Midtown. But sadly, the bouncer wouldn't let her in.

Changing tack, she called her date and asked him to meet her at the sports bar-- where everyone knows your name. Her date, Darrell Beaver was kind and educated, had a good job and a desire to be a part of their prospective child's life. Miriam was so confident that she decided to get things started as they were leaving-- right in the elevator.

Shortly after, she realized that she was pregnant, and despite a few stressful moments she had a smooth and safe gestation.

Miriam went into labor around 10 pm and conveyed herself safely to the hospital where-- drumroll, please-- she gave birth to a healthy son whom she named Sam! Darrell came to observe the birth.

As with all children, Sam grew so quickly that it seemed as though it were happening in minutes.

Miriam threw herself into raising Sam, teaching him to talk, walk, and potty as soon as she could-- and lavishing love and encouragement upon him in an unflagging effort to help her son grow and thrive in this harsh world.

Before she could believe it, Sam had gone from her toddling little trooper to a charming boy.

Over time, Sam expressed to Miriam that he wanted a little brother or sister. After careful consideration and a lengthy explanation to Sam of how their lives would change, they both agreed that a new addition to the family would be wonderful-- ergo, the vetting process for a new donor began once more. This time Miriam chose a film star who wanted a child, but didn't want them to suffer the tribulations of being a celebrity's child. They had dinner at the selfsame sports bar where Sam had been conceived of-- as well as conceived-- and got the ball rolling on pregnancy number two!

Our story will continue later!

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  1. Where did you get her dress from? It is so pretty!