Sunday, December 9, 2012

Miriam Colby and The Sims 3 100 Baby Challenge Part Two

When last we left off:

Miriam had decided to expand her little family once more and her next donor was none other than the famous Tiara Angelista!

Once her doctor had confirmed the subsequent pregnancy, Miriam decided that the best thing to do was try to get some work done and spend time with Sam.

For Sam, life went on as normal; he kept up with his schoolwork and spent his spare time just being a kid. It was important to Miriam that Sam thrive, so she encouraged him to play, imagine, and get out and have fun.

Before they knew it, the Fall Festival had arrived in town! Sam decided to head there and try to win some prize tickets-- and maybe meet some new friends.

Meanwhile, Miriam was working on some new pieces for her art buyer. Interestingly, she got the feeling that something shady was going on, as the buyer insisted upon some bizarre cloak and dagger meeting spots. Miriam contemplated finding someone new with whom to work.

A few days later, Miriam went into labor. It was a school night and Sam had a cold, so she encouraged him to stay home and rest while she had the baby. After a hug goodbye, she left for the hospital.

After fourteen hours hard labor, Miriam emerged from the hospital with a beautiful set of twins! One boy, one girl-- she named them Eli and Ellie. They grew very quickly, and despite feeling overwhelmed at having TWO new little ones to care for, she rose to the occasion splendidly-- despite the fact that those two were quite a handful!!

Sam, being so considerate, tried to stay out of his mother's hair and help as much as he could. He found new ways to entertain himself and did his best to make new friends.

In the early Winter, the twins had their birthdays!

The air chilled and Bridgeport was blanketed in a thick layer of snow. Taking advantage of this, Ellie picked up a new hobby-- snowboarding.

When Snowflake Day came around, Miriam invited Sam's father to their home for dinner and gifts. The twins' other parent turned out to be a bit of a deadbeat and the Colby's were rather short on money, so Miriam was only able to purchase a few modest presents for her children. Ellie was desperate to have a dollhouse, but they were incredibly expensive; Sam wished more than anything to have an easel of his own, so that he could take up painting like his mother, and Eli had recently discovered that his dream was to become a successful screenwriter so he was hoping to someday get a computer.

Miriam was terribly depressed that she couldn't afford these gifts, which she had expressed in a email to one of her friends. Little did she know that this friend would pass on the children's wishlists to Darrell, Sam's father, and that he would give them the very things for which they'd asked. Miriam and the children couldn't have been more grateful!

The children slept well that night and looked forward to spending the last few days of Winter playing in the snow and enjoying the newly-arrived Winter Festival.

Meanwhile, money troubles were still at the forefront, resulting in Miriam doing some DIY repairs at the most inconvenient times, i.e. before an important work soiree.

To blow off some steam, Miriam went out to have some fun with a rather odd friend she'd made online.

A few months passed, and the children became closer than ever-- inseparable, even. They went everywhere together and even had the same circle of friends. With her kids happy and occupied, Miriam once again focused on painting and making a better life for all of them.

In the Spring, Sam had his birthday, and despite now being a teenager, he remained close with his two younger siblings. They enjoyed the finer weather as a team, played, laughed, and haunted the Spring festival to earn tickets and play games.

As for Miriam, she had recently cut ties with her previous art buyer and found a new one through the local curator. They agreed to talk business over drinks, choosing to meet at the Sports Bar of which Miriam was so fond. After some good conversation and plenty of alcohol, they called it a night and prepared to leave.

But in the elevator their powerful chemistry got the better of them and things took a completely unexpected turn--

To be continued...

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